December 21, 2016

Maya Wild Workshops

Flores Map for Maya Wild Workshops

…minutes from Flores

Maya Wild Workshops are a quick and easy way to know real Guatemalans and experience a bit of authentic Maya culture. All Maya Workshops are a couple hours each, except Maya Jungle Survival which runs ~4 hours.

Permaculture Compound Maya Workshops

Permaculture Compound

Maya Workshops are in Spanish, Q’eqchi’ or Maya, include an English-translator and are held at our Permaculture Compound a few minutes from Flores.

You’ll love the Permaculture Compound. 80+ Maya medicinal jungle plants. Wild iguanas and cutetes running up the Maya cherry trees. Xococto Creek runs through the middle with 9 different types of native jungle fish, ducks and turtles. Lots of trees: almond, avocado, cashew, coconut, lime, lemon, mango, orange, silicote and pearl apple. Six different types of bananas – pineapples too. See our groovy little treehouse.

We’re adding Maya chinampas at the Permaculture Center – a type of aquaponics, same as was used by the ancient Maya of Petén Guatemala. Maya chinampas are an excellent way to grow organic food, sustainably.

Maya chinampas in Petén Guatemala

ancient Maya chinampas of Petén Guatemala

Chinampas fed an ancient Maya population, one-million strong, around Flores and all over Peten Guatemala for more than a thousand years. We are revisiting the proven food production capabilities of Maya chinampas.

Save your spot with the Maya Workshop Reservation Form at the bottom of this page. Or, visit any of our dozens of Maya workshop resellers all around lake Peten Itza and the island of Flores: agencies, hostels, hotels, resorts, restaurants and shops – all waiting to make your Maya Workshop reservation.

Maya Workshops run Monday-Saturday 7AM to 4PM. Save your Maya Workshop spot with a 15% Deposit at any Maya Workshop reseller or complete the Maya Workshop Reservation Form below and make your 15% deposit online with PayPal, MasterCard or Visa.

Once your spot is saved, we’ll send a friendly taxi/tuktuk driver to gather you at your hotel/hostel and bring you to our Permaculture Compound for your Maya Workshop. It’s easy.

Maya Wild Workshop details…

Maya Cacao Lord

Maya Cacao Lord

Maya Chocolate

You’ll make your own chocolate exactly like the Maya who invented it thousands of years ago. Authentic Maya chocolate contains several key ingredients and we have them all.

Maya chocolate has three to five times more antioxidants than today’s commercial chocolate. Just like the ancient Maya thousands of years ago, you’ll craft your chocolate with the help of a wood fire and a stone metate.

This Maya Chocolate workshop is amazing – even Belgians, famous and proud people of chocolate are consistently impressed with the quality of chocolate experience they have at this workshop. That’s something to talk about.

Your own bag of Maya chocolate + cacao beans | 2 hours | 150Q

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Ixchel Maya Goddess of Medicine

Ixchel Maya Goddess of Medicine

Maya Medicinal Plants

This is a hands-on Maya medicinal plants workshop led by skilled Maya women.

You’ll learn more than a dozen ancient Maya medicinal plant recipes that have been passed-down through uncountable generations of Maya women.

Learn the recipe for a Maya Love Potion – it works and is still used to this very day. This Maya workshop is especially recommended for women – but men are welcome to attend this Maya workshop too.

This is rare Maya jungle plant knowledge, passed down for generations that is going to be shared with you.

There is always lots of great information to share about Maya medicinal jungle plants and you’ll take a good collection of those same plants with you to share and use as you please.

Your own bag of Maya jungle medicine plants | 2 hours | 195Q

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Maya Coconut Oil

Maya Coconut Oil

Maya Coconut Oil

The best and most natural coconut oil you’ll ever know. You’ll make 100% natural, organic Maya coconut oil and take a bottle with you.

Coconut oil is an excellent base to make your own all natural mosquito repellent and we have all the oils you’ll need. We’ve been working on our TEED Natural Insect Repellent for years. We test our TEED insect repellent right here in the jungles of Peten – it works just as good as DEET and we’re pretty proud of that.

We have another blend of coconut and essential oils that is mixed with natural bee’s wax and makes a great lotion – smells good too. There are dozens of great reasons to use coconut oil as as replacement for the chemical crap we put on our bodies.

Coconut oil is also an excellent hair conditioner because it’s predominantly made up of a medium-chain fatty acid called lauric acid. This gives coconut oil a long, straight structure, which is more easily absorbed deep into the hair shaft. Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizing product for your hair. Coconut oil can be used both before and after you wash your hair to help prevent damage and keep your hair looking shiny and healthy. Many people brush their teeth with coconut oil, it’s a natural whitener.

Your own bottle of Maya coconut oil | 2 hours | 175Q + essential oil/s

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Maya Avocado Oil

Maya Avocado Oil

Maya Avocado Oil Workshop

The very first avocado tree was found right here in Mesoamerica. Avocado has been farmed here in Peten Guatemala by the Maya for thousands of years.

Amazingly fresh, pure and natural avocado oil – a favorite ingredient in expensive anti-aging, cosmetic and hair-care products. Buy your avocados in the local market, make and then take your the avocado oil with you. Yes, for a bit more we have a collection of essential oils available to add to your avocado oil.

Interesting avocado fact – there’s more nutritional value in the avocado pit/seed than the juicy rich avocado flesh. Your Maya Workshop facilitator will show you how to use the avocado seed / pit to get at all that extra good stuff.

All the avocado oil you want | 2 hours | 95Q + essential oil/s

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Maya Hamaca in Flores Guatemala

Maya Hamaca in Flores Guatemala

Maya Hammock Workshop

Weave your own Maya hammock with the assistance of a expert Maya hammock craftswoman. Your hammock will be custom measured and made just for you – bespoke – a perfect fit.

You choose your own colors and create your own design. When you’re done, take your hammock with you – a perfect addition for your travels in Central America.

There is something magical about making your own hammock. Have done it myself and it’s a wonderful meditation making your own tremendously portable sofa, bed, couch, chair. We’ll show you all you need to know to make your own Maya hammock.

You can weave your hammock all by yourself, that’ll take 18 hours, and you can weave anywhere you like. Or, just spend a couple hours with us, learning all that’s needed and then take one of our already made and waiting Maya hammocks with you – just pick the one you like best.

Your own Maya Hammock |  2 to 18 hours, your choice | 200Q

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Heritage Maya Corn

Heritage Maya Corn

Maya Kitchen Workshop

Learn local Maya recipes from skilled and experienced Maya women. Cook delicious Maya dishes in the Maya tradition. Yes, vegetarian Maya dishes are absolutely available.

This is a great opportunity to learn Maya gastronomy a chef at what was the best restaurant in Flores – we all miss Las Puertas and the awesome food it served. In any case, this Maya woman can cook exceptional Maya food.

The Maya Kitchen Workshop is allow you a glimpse into the most important room in any Maya home, the kitchen. The Maya kitchen is a focal point for all Maya families and you’ll be right in the middle of it all.

Maya brunch/dinner included | 2 hours | 120Q

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Maya Jungle Survival

Maya Jungle Survival

Maya Jungle Survival

Learn crucial rain forest survival skills from local Maya experts. This workshop is an especially good-fit if you’re considering or doing the el Mirador Jungle Trek. You’ll go to an ancient Maya village with pyramids, Maya stella and get to know the jungle with an experienced Maya jungle guide. Learn how to gather naturally purified water from jungle vines, make wild jungle teas, snake bite treatments, gather wild fruit and veggies and more.

Once your jungle tour is completed, you’re welcome to dive into our el Mirador / la Danta Guide Manual – it’s all in English, packed with information and you won’t find it anywhere else. The el Mirador / la Danta Complex is one of the most amazing cities of the ancient world. Some estimate it held a Maya population of a million. Amazing ancient Maya waterworks engineering. Largest pyramid in the world – yes, this Maya Pyramid is larger than anything in Egypt, Mexico or anywhere else, for that matter.

This Maya workshop starts at 7AM, 8AM or 9AM only. We need an early start for what will be an authentic Maya day in the jungle of Peten Guatemala. You will love this workshop – everyone does.

Maya jungle brunch included | 4 hours | 295Q

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Maya Astro Calendar

Maya Astro Calendar

Maya AstroCalendar Workshop

If you’re into astrology, you’ll be thrilled with Maya astrology. We’ll walk you through the steps to find your true Maya sign. Practice ‘living the Maya calendar‘ and catch the onda of the Maya approach to living your life in a peaceful and serene state of acceptance and knowing. It really works. Best if we know if you were born before or after sunrise and when your birth started, mom’s first contraction.

So call/email your mom, dig-out that dusty old birth certificate and bring the actual start and delivery time of your birth with you. If you want to look into the Maya significance of others in your life, best if we have their birth details too. This workshop is a bit more than others because it’s just you and your Maya Astrocalendar Expert, one-on-one, personalized for you.

1-on-1 with Your Maya Calender Expert | 2 hours | 395Q

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