Maya Medicinal Jungle Plants Workshop

Maya medicinal jungle plants are amazing. Ixchel, the Maya goddess of fertility and medicine, is pictured to the right. As usual, she’s accompanied by the Maya fertility bunny,

Maya practice massage therapy too. There are two basic types of Maya massage, the intuitive/psychic Maya massage method and then the clinical/symptom based approach.

Ancient Maya medicine women prepared a Love Potion. We’ll be happy to share the details during your Maya workshop. The same mix is still used today and it obviously works. Interesting Maya stuff in every Maya workshop.

Will also compare and contrast the Maya approach to eating hot and cold foods and drinks. Really interesting stuff and still practiced by the modern Maya people. It feels very similar to ancient Asian approaches – perhaps that’s where it came from – you cannot help but notice the Asian characteristics in many Maya people – common nickname (apodo in Spanish) for a Guatemalan with Chinese physical characteristic is Chino or Chinita.