Maya Kitchen Workshop

Maya food is deliciously natural. The Maya cooked tamales with chocolate sauce – and they still do today. The Maya made tamales wrapped in moshan leaves – and they still do today. The Maya were famous for their soups – Maya soups are always excellent. Reserve your spot in the Maya Kitchen Workshop and learn some of these super-fast-simple and outrageously tasty meals.

The ancient poor Maya diet was mostly manioc and supplemented with corn, because corn was hard to grow and reserved for the elite ruling class.

You’d love the tamales in chocolate sauce – make some over an open wood fire, just like the Maya. But first you’ll need to gather banana and/or koxan leaves and cure them over the fire so you have something to wrap your Maya tamales.

How about some fresh Maya guacamole to go with those tamales – we have two avocado trees that we grew from seeds and now we have our own Maya avocado trees at our Maya workshops permaculture compount.

We also have six different varieties of bananas, a huge almond tree, a cashew tree that gives us several hundred pounds of cashew apples every year. Perhaps you would like to roast your own Maya cashews as part of your Maya kitchen workshop.