Maya Jungle Survival Workshop

For most, it’s a challenge at best to think of spending one night alone in the jungle – let alone thousands of years, as the Maya grew one of the greatest civilizations ever known. If you’re interested in learning more about the Maya jungle, just want to visit another ancient Maya village or if you’re doing the el Mirador Jungle Trek – this is an excellent Maya workshop for you.

Learn about the deadly snakes and how to spot them. Learn about the giant 700lb tapir / danta with its razor-sharp teeth. Learn about the nasty little insects that drop burrowing larvae onto your skin – most importantly how to deal with these annoying, nasty and potentially deadly animals and insects that live in the Maya jungles of Peten Guatemala.

Did you know that there are 3 awesome sources of Maya ‘jungle potatoes’?

Did you know there is a jungle tree sap you can apply to a specific Maya fly bite to stop it from abscessing? If you don’t use this Maya jungle tree-juice, these fly bites always abscess.