Maya Coconut Oil Workshop

Maya Coconut Oil Flores Peten GuatemalaWe love coconut oil. We use our Maya coconut oil as a base in the all natural and organic Maya Insect Repellent we sell in our Maya Wild Shop.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to make your own coconut oil. We’ve made lots and lots and we’re happy to share our secrets to making awesome Maya coconut oil.

Maya cocoyol Flores Peten GuatemalaSo there are are no misunderstandings, we use coconuts in our Maya coconut oil workshop. To be 100% authentic-Maya we should be using cocoyol, a smaller version of the coconut, as the ancient Maya did. But it’s waaay more work to extract oil from cocoyol and the end-product is identical. Another important bit, properly prepared coconut oil will last 2X longer than Maya cocoyol oil. If you want to make some real Maya cocoyol instead of using regular coconut,s we’re happy to help – it’s twice the price of the standard Maya coconut oil workshop.

Without a doubt this is going to be the freshest, most natural coconut oil you’ve ever known. This stuff is amazing. Coconut oil has sooo many uses!