Ancient Maya Writing

Maya writing is without a doubt one of the most artistic and personally expressive writing methods ever developed, at least as far as Maya Wild is concerned 🙂

Maya writing is more than just letters and numbers. Maya writing is art full of inner meanings and references. Maya writers were literally the Rock Stars of the ancient Maya civilization. It was not uncommon for one Maya writer/sculpture to travel to different Maya kings’ Maya pyramids to help them get their Maya stone scultures, Living Trees, properly scripted with Maya glyphs.

The earliest, distinguishable Maya script is from 300BC – but it’s generally accepted that the Maya were writing much earlier. The wet, hot, humid jungles of the ancient Maya are not the dry desert of ancient Egypt, everything rots and turns to goop. The few Maya books or ‘codex’ that still exist are not the only codex Maya books that have ever been found. Maya tombs have been found at many many ancient Maya locations – but they’ve all been decomposed, rotted ancient Maya goop.

Due in no small part to Landa, a rather famous/infamous Catholic emissary to the ancient Maya kingdom, and his fervor to burn all the Maya books he ever found – it took decades to decipher Maya writing.