Maya mushrooms

Maya and Mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of the most amazing things on this planet and that was realized more than 3,000 years ago by the ancient Maya of Guatemala. In Maya Wildcraft we dive deep into the Maya and their penchant for mushrooms. The inspiration for this addition to Maya Wild was a stumbling-across of an old friend Read more about Maya and Mushrooms[…]

Seeds of Permaculture - Tropical Permaculture

Tropical Permaculture and Maya Chinampas

Excessively groovy film on permaculture in tropical climates – you know, like Peten Guatemala… We love Permaculture at Maya Wild! We’re installing a chinampa at our Permaculture Compound in Peten Guatemala. Chinampas are an ancient Maya form of aquaponics, fish+food crops+water all in one glorious inter-connected circle of life – the fish feeding the plants Read more about Tropical Permaculture and Maya Chinampas[…]

Maya Calendar Horoscope

Maya AstroCalendar Workshop

Most people are familiar with European astrology. The Maya practiced astrology too and its records have been passed down to us from thousands of years ago. The Maya astrocalendar workshop is only offered as a 1-on-1 experience, so it cost a bit more than our other Maya workshops – it’s completely worth it. Maya astrology Read more about Maya AstroCalendar Workshop[…]

coconut oil Flores Peten Guatemala

Maya Coconut Oil Workshop

We love coconut oil. We use our Maya coconut oil as a base in the all natural and organic Maya Insect Repellent we sell in our Maya Wild Shop. In this workshop you’ll learn how to make your own coconut oil. We’ve made lots and lots and we’re happy to share our secrets to making Read more about Maya Coconut Oil Workshop[…]

Maya avocado oil in Peten Guatemala Flores

Maya Avocado Oil Workshop

Yes, avocados come from right here in Mesoamerica. Avocados were cultivated by the Maya of Peten Guatemala for thousands of years – before you ever even dreamed of your first bowl of guacamole. Our Maya avocado oil is the best you’ll ever know. Take your avocado oil with you. Condition your hair with avocado oil. Read more about Maya Avocado Oil Workshop[…]

Maya Hammock Peten Guatemala Flores

Maya Hammock Workshop

Maya hammocks are simply the best: light weight, easy to care for and compact. A Maya hammock is the perfect traveler accessory for your travels in Central America. You’ll work with a handcrafted mahogany needle and paddle to create your own Maya hammock – the mahogany feels so good in your hands – and that Read more about Maya Hammock Workshop[…]

maya chocolate guatemala

Maya Chocolate Workshop

Just like the Maya women thousands of years ago, the local Maya women still use chocolate to cast magic spells that make them sexually irresistible – so they can catch their man, the object of their desire. Cacao beans were used as currency the ancient Maya. Couple thousand years ago, a thousand Maya cacao beans Read more about Maya Chocolate Workshop[…]

Ixchel Maya Goddess of Fertility and Medicine

Maya Medicinal Jungle Plants Workshop

Maya medicinal jungle plants are amazing. Ixchel, the Maya goddess of fertility and medicine, is pictured to the right. As usual, she’s accompanied by the Maya fertility bunny, Maya practice massage therapy too. There are two basic types of Maya massage, the intuitive/psychic Maya massage method and then the clinical/symptom based approach. Ancient Maya medicine Read more about Maya Medicinal Jungle Plants Workshop[…]

Maya Heritage Corn Maize

Maya Kitchen Workshop

Maya food is deliciously natural. The Maya cooked tamales with chocolate sauce – and they still do today. The Maya made tamales wrapped in moshan leaves – and they still do today. The Maya were famous for their soups – Maya soups are always excellent. Reserve your spot in the Maya Kitchen Workshop and learn Read more about Maya Kitchen Workshop[…]

Maya Jungle Survival

Maya Jungle Survival Workshop

For most, it’s a challenge at best to think of spending one night alone in the jungle – let alone thousands of years, as the Maya grew one of the greatest civilizations ever known. If you’re interested in learning more about the Maya jungle, just want to visit another ancient Maya village or if you’re Read more about Maya Jungle Survival Workshop[…]